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Kia Sorento vs. Honda CR-V


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Hi Scotty,

I’m considering buying a 7 seater SUV and with respect to their dependability only, which one is better in your opinion - Kia Sorento 2.4L FWD or Honda CR-V 1.5LT AWD? Both are 2019 model with up to 35,000 miles, with automatic transmission, privately held and well maintained.

In general, Honda is more dependable than Kia, but this specific CR-V is turbocharged and AWD which is not really necessary for my personal needs.

What do you think?

Thank you very much for your help:)

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I would buy the worst Honda before I bought the best Kia.


Posted by: @xerox1 

I’m from Israel

The local Kia Sorento has a GDi engine, a terrible one.

Realize that while in Korea, Europe, and the US - these engines were recalled, here we got nothing.

This engine is just an absolute nightmare, avoid it because NO ONE will be able to repair it and it'll need it.

There's a reason why only after 3 years it's worth less than a Corolla.


As far as the Honda CRV - again, bad injectors, oil dilution, at best a mediocre CVT, and no one to fix it.


I actually can not recommend any new 7 seater, all of them are not 'great at' best.


If I'd have a gun to my head and the bullet wouldn't be an option,

and I'd have to get a 7 seater SUV it'd be a Peugeot 5008 diesel or a Skoda Kodiaq diesel.

The Skoda has a DSG and it's generally troublesome, and the Peugeot is not as bad as most but it's still a Peugeot...


As far as non-SUVs, Maybe a Prius Plus if you can find one or a Citroën C4 Picasso (if you can find a 2.0 diesel without the early jerky transmissions)

@dan Is oil dilution still an issue in 2019 model and above? Also, is it relevant for the not-too-cold Israeli winter?
What about the AWD? Do you know if that’s a problematic mechanism in this car?

> "Is oil dilution still an issue in 2019 model and above?"
According to Honda "no", according to owner's "yes":
But that engine has other worrying issues, like this.
> "Also, is it relevant for the not-too-cold Israeli winter?"
Oil dilution happens almost at any temperature, it's not like Toyota's water intrusion we don't have to worry about.
I'd be more worried about city driving, jams, and other things that'll put strain on the CVT.
> "Do you know if that’s a problematic mechanism in this car?"
As far as I know, it's fine. I've never heard of AWD issues on any reasonably new Honda.

@dan Many thanks for your help:)


TMK, the CR-V is NOT a seven seater. The only Honda seven seater SUV is a Honda Pilot. 


I’m from Israel and here a 7 seat version of CR-V was available from 2019 to 2021. It is still available in other countries like Australia AFAIK.

Oh who that is pretty cool. Go with the CR-V then.

Any chance you have a link to the version of the CR-V you have? I would love to see it.

Found one! That’s a pretty cool vehicle. Wish we had that option here.


I would get the Honda CR-V over the Kia Sorento because Honda perfected some of the problems over time. For the oil you should use, use the GF-6 oil

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What about the AWD? Do you know if that’s a problematic mechanism in the CR-V?

Posted by: @xerox1

Kia Sorento ... 2019 model

You mean these piles of junk?


Try searching the forum and Scotty's channel.


Thanks for the references. I think I’ll buy the Honda despite being turbocharged and AWD.