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Scotty, how do I pick out an old pick up in 2023 with 5000 dollars?

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At that price, it’s gonna be a fixer.  If you need full size, look for an OBS Chevy; 2 WD long bed will be less expensive than 4wd short bed.  If you don’t need full size, maybe a first gen ranger or S10 (But be ready to do a lot of work on it.)

Yeah my uncle went through a lot of S-10's in the 80s to early 90's as a mail carrier. He would tear the transmissions up within a year or so. Then he got a Toyota. The little nissan trucks were pretty good too.


Sometimes you can find a vehicle that has all the right things wrong with it, and the price will be much cheaper.

Paint chipping, a little body damage, other issues that you know you can fix on your own, but will lower the price a lot.



Scotty answered at 5:37