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steering wheel locks


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Hiya Scotty!

Just replaced my 26 yr old Grand Marquis with another! this one is a 2006 Grand Marquis LS, 4 doors, with only 48k miles! 1 owner, no accidents, for less than $8500. great deal! From a dealership in New Orleans, Louisiana.

So after a week of owning my auto steering wheel locked up and tight! Had to get someone with muscles to wrestled it back into driveway.

My mechanic says no problems with the pump, just that wrong fluid was placed into it. He drove it with no problems after he changed the fluid.

today, while driving home it started to give me some tightness to the wheel, i am afraid to take the car to work, since my mechanic is gone for vacation and won't be back until Dec 1st.

So what is it? the pump? did i need to get that pump flushed out of old and harmful fluid? is it possible to flush it? help, please, Scotty i need your help in a diagnosis for this my new car. Any help! Thank you!

We enjoy your informative videos!


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Posted by: @alexbozaneedshelp

wrong fluid was placed into it.

Legally, a dealer is required to fix any problems that exist with the car when they sell it. Read the fine print on your contract.