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[Solved] Should my wife trade in her paid-for Toyota Camry to buy a Hyundai Tucson


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My wife has a 2010 Toyota Camry XLE with 150,000 miles that is paid for.  Within the last 2 years she has had the alternator, water pump, spark plugs, tires and all brakes replaced.  The car currently has no real issues outside of needing it's intermittent cabin fan replaced and a tire sensor.

She has the SUV bug. 

I already told her this is The Worst Time to buy a vehicle, plus you already put $2000 into this vehicle with (6 cylinder alternator Expensive) repairs.  She wants to sell/trade this vehicle ($5000) because she saw a 2013 Hyundai Tucson she likes.  

I would not make this move.  I would keep the paid for Camry until the car market is more normal while saving up for a bigger down payment on a different brand.

Am I high?  I need someone besides me to tell her to step on the brakes FAST!


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Thanks for all the comments.  You guys drove her off the Tucson!  She looked at a Rav4, Sub Forrester and ended up buying a used Honda CRV.  I'm ok with it, it's not the Camry.  It doesn't have the ride or the luxury or the power of the Camry.  Seems like a fairly basic no frills vehicle to me (more like the CIVIC it's based off of). Nothing to get super excited about but she likes it.  I guess that's all that matters.

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Congratulations on the new vehicle! Which model year CR-V is it?

Thanks for the update.

It's a 2014 CRV LX.


Tell your wife that trading any Toyota for any Hyundai is a class A felony.  Then tell her to call Dr. Phil.


No, no, no.... the Tucson is coming up on 10 model years old, and it's only slightly newer than the Camry. The Tucson is a move backwards. One other thing to consider with gas prices the way they are, your Camry gets way better fuel economy than that Tucson.

Any car once it ages will need to be maintained, and the things you replaced the last 2 yrs. are all normal things to do on a car, even on a Toyota, and the things you've replaced won't need to be replaced for a LONG time. At least you know the condition of your Camry; however, the Tucson is an unknown and it's on the lot for a reason. So, you will be dishing out a lot more $$ getting it right if it ever can be.

If you don't HAVE to get a car, now is not the time for it. I would never-ever consider any Hyundai or Kia brand new let alone a 10yr old Hyundai/Kia. You've got an advantage by not having a car payment, so hang tight and don't be in a rush to buy anything if you don't have to and save up your $$ to get something better and newer in a few years' time. 



Hyundai-Kia in the US are a scam,

Show her this:

In the rest of the world you also need to know what you're buying to not get an absolute lemon, it's not like a Toyota where chances are it's going to be alright.


When driving a Toyota you have the ultimate peace of mind - you're not looking for faults or analyzing your car.

When you're driving a high milage, complex, old Hyundai crap just falls apart right, left and center.


Quite honestly? the 2013 isn't their worst, still no reason to buy one but unlike the newer ones it does usually go when you press the gas 🤣 - but you will spend thousands on repairs and it will never be quite right.

Want an SUV? the only good options are CX-5, RAV4, CH-R, CRV.

If you're shopping new, the Corolla Cross is also awesome.


Your wife has one of the best cars made to date, the Camrys after that had bad torque convertors, the smaller engines burned oil, new ones are just simpler and we do not know if they'll be able to also last over 200k miles - so giving up on what seems like the ultimate car sounds like a bad decision.

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She talked about going over there TOMORROW to pick it up.

It’s time for you to confiscate the title and maybe discharge the battery overnight..

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She talked about going over there TOMORROW to pick it up.


Well, good luck. Unfortunately it is very difficult to talk someone out of an emotional decision by showing them the facts.

I guess I'm in the minority. Outside of the 1985 BMW 5 series I bought 25 years ago, I'm not very emotional about buying cars. Last vehicle I bought was a used 2007 Honda Element Pre-pandemic and it took me 2 years to find the exact one I ended up buying. EX FWD 5 SPD. That one is hard to find.


Don't do it that Tucson will be a money magnet. You have already replaced most of the important engine parts and brakes. That car probably has another 100,000 trouble free miles in it.


Perhaps once she takes the Tucson for a test drive, she will change her mind. It has a harsh ride quality and either of the four cylinder motors have lack-luster performance compared to her Camry. 
The Toyota has a buttery smooth ride and the velvety smooth and refined V-6 motor produces about 100 more horsepower than the Hyundai with about the same gas mileage but far superior acceleration. 
But then, there is that issue with the bad tire pressure sensor. 😉 

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Thanks for the comments so far.  I am emailing all these to her.....

She talked about going over there TOMORROW to pick it up.


Well, she might have to learn the hard way. I gather she isn’t even considering a Toyota or Honda compact SUV?


OMG, Toyota camry for hyundai Envy ... It's like trading wagu A5 beef from restaurant for a Walmart porkchop... But yeah everybody have their own taste.