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2009 Pontiac G6 a good buy ?


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I would like to know if the 2009 Pontiac G6 a good car to buy with 116,000 miles? I also was looking into buying a Ford escape between the years 2009 to 2012 what year would be a good year to buy?

It’s a good idea to post these questions into 2 separate threads to get more visibility and answers from members.

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Regarding the Pontiac G6, see below:  avoid it esp. as a daily driver.

what about a 08 g6 with 36k miles on it? would it last me a few good years with regular maintenance?


I drove an absolute ton of G6's during my GM days. They had fleets of them for employees to use on business trips. 

They are ok little cars at first, but the cheap quality starts to show up with time. I never drove one with 100k+ miles that didn't leave me shaking my head over some issue with it. I would avoid it honestly. Many other good options out there for a car like that.

And everyone I've ever known who had an Escape...couldn't wait to "escape" their ownership of it. I wouldn't recommend either.


As for the Ford Escape, I would avoid as well since that generation was plagued with transmission issues.  See below:


Forget about the Ford unless it is very low mileage and you get it dirt cheap. Ford escape has transmission issue starting around 120k miles.


the pontiac G6 IMO is a good car my grandma owns one with over 215K and the tranny is still going so find one with low mileage if you can and take care of the engine and it could last as long as my grandma's has


Between those two, get the Escape. My aunt bought her 2010 brand new and has North of 250k on it now. She's had no problems, but she religiously had it serviced. She hasn't had transmission issues that I know of. Last I saw it, the sway bar links needed attention (clunking going around corners) but the mechanics were still good. Get one that has been well maintained, with proof, or find a Toyota Rav4.